The campaign is set in the 2070’s, a few years after the success of The Professionals TV show.

Horizon made a pretty penny off of that show, and royalties were sent to each of the crew members. Since the final season of The Professionals, the shadowrunners had enough of shadowrunning. All moved on to other endeavors, only Coney, Twitch, and Big Show are actively performing things similar to shadowrunning.

Due to the success of the TV show, a massive portion of the population is now very aware of shadowrunners, and a subculture of wannabee shadowrunners has formed.

Trolls are now more feared by law enforcement, but more accepted by culture. It has become illegal to provide implants that could be considered weapons or armor for Trolls in the UCAS. There is currently legislation in the UCAS government with thoughts on making a “national inventory” of Trolls over the age of 30.

The growing popularity of young women getting subdermal electrifying implants has revolutionized the prospect of in-person dating and the bar/dance scene. They have been nicknamed “bug zappers” and “fly traps”.

Knight Errant has made changes to their swat vehicles for short distance VTOL. A Knight Errant representative was cited in saying “The purpose of the new vehicles is to allow safe avoidance of obstacles, such as car collisions, barricades, and ice slicks”. Knight Errant has cracked down harder on launchable explosive weapons in the Seattle area, the price of those weapons have skyrocketed, and the level of connection necessary to obtain one has also increased.

A new designer drug has made its way onto the street, a strong synthetic psychotropic that’s nearly replaced the exceedingly rare psilocybin and mescaline. On the streets it’s known as “Dragon’s Blood” but has been truncated to just “Blood” by Seattle gangers. Many of its users have made the connection between The Professionals exploits and the drug itself.

Stop the Presses

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